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We have a range of scuba courses, which are designed to meet all our customer's needs. From beginner courses such as Discover Scuba through to Divemaster, we cater for all

Booking a course couldn't be simpler. First contact us to confirm availability of the course and dates you require then complete the Scuba booking form and send it to 1st Stage Ltd. Click here or on the main menu for the booking form.

You can now get started straight away with PADI eLearning...

PADI eLearning


Description Price
(inc VAT)
Discover Scuba20.00
Discover Scuba Diving50.00
Skin Diver65.00
Scuba Diver199.00
Scuba Diver inc Video224.00
Open Water Referral (Pool & Theory)250.00
Open Water Referral inc Video/DVD260.00
Open Water Referral (Executive) 4 people max350.00
Open Water Referral (Private) one to one450.00
Open Water Referral (O/W Dives)175.00
Open Water Diver Course (Group)400.00
Open Water Diver Course inc Video/DVD430.00
Open Water (Executive) 4 People max450.00
Open Water (Private) one to one600.00
Upgrade from Scuba to Open Water Diver215.00
Scuba Review65.00
Advanced Open Water (AOW)245.00
Pay as you dive AOW (per dive) Dive 170.00
Pay as you dive AOW (per dive) Dive 2 to 555.00
Rescue Diver239.00
Emergency First Responder (EFR Primary)99.00
Emergency First Responder (EFR Secondary)35.00
EFR Instructor230.00
Rescue + EFR338.00
Rescue Diver & DAN 02299.00
Master Scuba Diver * (5 specialities)425.00
EFR Care for Children99.00
EFR secondary care crossover course90.00
PADI Speciality
Description Price
(inc VAT)
Underwater Videographer (3 dives)145.00
Night Diver (3 dives)135.00
Wreck Diver (4 dives)130.00
Underwater Navigator (3 dives)129.00
Multi-level Diver (2 dives)90.00
Boat Diver (2 dives)90.00
Drift Diver (2 dives)90.00
Dry Suit Diver (2 dives)120.00
Underwater Naturalist (2 dives)90.00
Deep Diver (4 dives)175.00
Peak Performance Buoyancy (2 dives)110.00
Equipment Specialist (1 day class)95.00
Underwater Photographer (2 dives)145.00
Search & Recovery Diver (4 dives)125.00
Limited Visibility Diver95.00
Redundant Air Source Diver (2 dives)120.00
Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver (2 dives)150.00
PADI Oxygen First Aid upgrade20.00
DAN 02 Provider65.00
Semi Closed Rebreather Draeger Dolphin250.00
Semi Closed Rebreather Azimuth250.00
Dolphin/ Azimuth Combo400.00
PADI Packages
Description Price
(inc VAT)
Rescue 1 (OW, AOW, EFR & Rescue) 865.00
Rescue 2 (OW, AOW, EFR, DAN 02 & Rescue)925.00
DM 1 (OW, AOW, EFR, DAN 02, Rescue & DM)1,285.00
PADI TDI Technical
Description Price
(inc VAT)
Advanced Nitrox250.00
Decompression Procedures250.00
Adv Nitrox and Deco Combo450.00
Extended Range450.00
Trimix Advanced (up to 90m)TBC
Semi Closed Rebreather Draeger Dolphin250.00
Semi Closed Rebreather Azimuth250.00
Dolphin/ Azimuth Combo400.00

Our prices are subject to change without prior notice
If our schedule does not suit your requirements or you would
  rather have individual training, please ask for details of our one to
  one and tailor made courses 
Our technical courses have special equipment and training
  prerequisites. Please ask for details

'Medical experts have warned that a holiday abroad is not the best place to learn the intricacies of the sport'

(Daily Mail, Monday August 9, 2004)

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